Haber Details - 1.09.2021


The Çakmak Dam project, which is described as the GAP of the Thrace region, the foundation of which was laid 12 years ago, could only be completed almost 3 percent of the overall irrigation line. While the 1st Stage irrigation line, which was tendered in 2017 and will provide water to an area of ​​160 thousand decares, is expected to be completed in 2020, only 10 percent of the work here has been done so far. The 2nd Stage irrigation line, covering an area of ​​360 thousand decares, has not even been put out to tender. Considering all these, in order to accelerate the construction of the Çakmak Dam Irrigation Line, an evaluation meeting was held at the Çakıcı Hotel with the participation of District Governor Hakan Yavuz Erdoğan. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to form a team and go to Ankara and make a request to the relevant authorities to accelerate the project.

Uzunköprü District Governor Hakan Yavuz Erdoğan, Mayor Özlem Becan, District Agriculture Manager Burak Esen, Uzunköprü Commodity Exchange Chairman Egemen Aslan, Chamber of Agriculture President Yıldız Kılıç, Çakmak Irrigation Cooperative President Ünal at the Çakmak Dam evaluation meeting held at Çakıcı Hotel on Wednesday, September 01. Çelebi, Rice Producers Union President Ali Öner, Dairy Producers Union President Tamer Akkuş, Headman`s Association President Nevzat Öztürk, AK Party District Managers Önder Özcan and Mutlu Kırman, CHP District President Muammer Çetiner, IYI Party District President İbrahim Erkal, MHP District President Onur Ser Press members attended as well. In the meeting, ideas were exchanged regarding the acceleration of the construction of the Çakmak Dam Irrigation Lines, which are progressing more slowly than planned and considered very important for the region, especially for our district.

District Governor Hakan Yavuz Erdoğan, who took the floor for the first time at the meeting, emphasized that the issues that need to be done about the project should be focused on one by one and stated that the focus should be shifted to that direction. Emphasizing that requests were made in parts rather than the overall project, Erdoğan said: “First of all, we must focus on commitments. Did the 40 million TL promised to us at the Çakmak dam come? We have to follow this. We must look at agriculture as a whole. In such a period, we need to determine the amount we want well. We must demand a reasonable and realistic allowance. The pandemic has overtaken many things. We are going through a difficult period. The project we have to compare is the Hamzadere Dam. 85% complete. It means they`ve come a long way. We should act on this as well. If we include the AK Party Provincial Chairperson Belgin İba to the team, we need to go to Ankara with a strong team with other components. This is a very costly project than OSB. We work within 15 days, interviews and appointments are set. We have to make the preparations and act quickly and get this done until the Budget is prepared”.

Another person who took the floor at the meeting, Çakmak Irrigation Cooperative President Ünal Çelebi, pointed out that the 1st phase is progressing very slowly, and that the 2nd phase has not been tendered yet, and that at least the 2nd phase tender should be completed. In his speech, Çelebi said, “The situation of the Çalmak Dam Project is progressing slowly. The tender for the canal that will flood the main body from Meriç has been awarded. The contractor is working. Regarding the 1st stage, he told me that I can do 20 percent of the money with the money I have, we need money. He promised to deliver it next year if you give me money. Ms. Belgin (AK Party Edirne Provincial President) said she would contact in Ankara. We are in the 10th percentile in the irrigation project of an area of ​​160 thousand decares. Work continues in the Sığırcılı section. The other stage is an area of ​​360 thousand decares. The tender for this needs to be done urgently," he said.

Commodity Exchange Chairman Egemen Aslan also drew attention to the importance of going to Ankara with a team to accelerate the project. Stating that the country gave signs of drought, Aslan emphasized that the Çakmak Dam should be completed and put into operation as soon as possible. In the evaluation of the lion, “

We have an urgent need at the Çakmak dam. Due to the drought, Central Anatolia and other regions were destroyed. We need to put this threshold appropriation in the 2022 budget. Meriç line continues, let`s speed it up. Let`s form a team. Let`s follow this issue in Ankara. We have to stick the needle in ourselves. We did not follow this process properly. The President and the Speaker of the Parliament are also aware of this project. I think Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop will help us when we go with a determined team.”

Other participants at the meeting also went to Ankara and stated that they agreed to include the project in the 2022 budget. Necessary preliminary meetings will be held with the DSI Regional Director within 15 days and preliminary preparations will be made for the meetings in Ankara.

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