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Digital Thrace Project, Trakya ABİGEM A.Ş., which is a partner of 26 Chambers and Exchanges in the Thrace region, including the Trakya Development Agency and Uzunköprü Commodity Exchange. It provides SMEs with the support they need on their way to digitalization.

It provides e-commerce and e-export infrastructure and digital platform membership to SMEs free of charge for one year in order to enable digitalized businesses to cross their borders and sell to all over the world.

Within the scope of the Digital Trakya Project, every company and entrepreneur will be able to market and sell their products and services by showing their presence in the online world under their own domain name, and they will also be members of the digital platform established specifically for Trakya. In this way, they will be able to deliver their products and services to consumers at advantageous costs on the platform of their region, which is an alternative to today`s marketplaces.

By leading the digital transformation of our Thrace region with its 24/7 technology support, the Digital Thrace Project aims to strengthen our international trade by increasing the competitiveness of our country`s entrepreneurs in the global arena.

Our SMEs in Thrace will benefit from the support under many titles free of charge for one year.

Some of these supports are;
· A new generation infrastructure that will allow you to do e-commerce and e-export, working under your own domain name, with B2B and B2C features,

· Opportunity to sell the products you sell on your own site to domestic and foreign customers through a single platform

· Training on different topics throughout the scope of support and strategic planning support that will be with you in your new business plan

o Trainings for SMEs new to e-commerce

o Trainings on domestic and international cargo processes

o Digital Marketing

o Social Media

o E-export

o Payment Systems

Maximum return opportunity with advantageous costs by taking advantage of the agreements made collectively for the project, such as cargo, logistics and payment systems, regarding the additional services that companies and entrepreneurs need in their commercial activities.

With the Digital Thrace Project, which was developed entirely with national and domestic resources, SMEs will be able to trade in the logic of a regional and/or sectoral marketplace, but under their own brand or domain names. Thanks to the multi-language support, they will have the opportunity to increase their sales in the unlimited world of e-export by opening the products and services for sale in different countries and different currencies.

Without requiring any coding or software knowledge, our businesses will realize their own online sales platforms and will make a difference in digitalization with the collaboration platform provided by the Digital Trakya Project. This union of forces is a very important resource for our national goals.

As part of the Digital Thrace Project, we digitize our 1000 SMEs, enabling them to increase their online reputation and maximize their income.

To take your place in the Trakya digital transformation movement, you can get information from www.dijitaltrakya.com and apply immediately.

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